Wednesday, May 21, 2014

History Trivia - Lady Jane Grey marries Guildford Dudley

May 21

 on this day The Agonalia was held. It was held on January 9th, March 17th, May 21st, and December 11th.  On each day a ram was sacrificed, probably as an offering to Janus.

685 English settlement was halted at the Firth of Forth when Picts defeated Northumbrians at Nachtansmere.

878 Syracuse, Italy was captured by the Muslim sultan of Sicily. 

996 Sixteen-year-old Otto III, king of Germany and fourth ruler of the Ottonian (Saxon) dynasty was crowned Holy Roman Emperor.

987 Louis V, last Carlovingian King of France (966-987), died. 

1420 Charles VI ceded France to Henry V of England in the Treaty of Troyes, after Henry's victory at Agincourt.

1471 King Henry VI was killed in the Tower of London.  Edward IV took the throne.

1481 Christian I, king of Denmark/Norway/Sweden, died.

1553 English Lady Jane Grey married Guildford Dudley.
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