Sunday, May 18, 2014

Meet Rex - a bully survivor whose story is being told in the novel, Ty the Bull, a new release coming soon

About The Book
Ty the Bull is about fighting against  adversity. Not just letting people hurt you but protecting yourself in an humane way. This is an age old problem and effects people of all ages but children seem to be hurt the worst. It also touches on divorce which is becoming more and more commonplace. The struggles a child must go through for survival. Childhood should be a time for exploration and fun adventures but it seems to be filled with more obstacles than ever. 
Rex's custom bracelets
Rex is busy building his inventory for the launch of his bracelet line that will be sold on the new blog, Ty The Bull. He is on a mission and was proud to report that he had made 28 bracelets today. He was excited to tell us that his technique has improved. In his words, they are more rad. These bracelets are made if rubber bands. They are called "Rainbow Loom."
If you are interested in having a Bracelet designed by Rex please send a message on the blog in the "contact us" section on the right lower corner of the page. They are $3 plus $1 US  shipping. He is making them all small, and a few large with several color combinations.
For more information about Rex, please visit:
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  1. Looking forward to reading Ty the Bull, and Cecilia Spark is wearing her Rex bracelets and loves them! n x

    1. Awe gosh!!! That is so sweet. We are big fans of Miss Spark and friends :-)

  2. Thank you Mary Ann. This is beautiful. Kids should not have to put up with being bullied. Appreciate your support. Fabulous page!

  3. Glad to help getting the message out. Looking forward reading the book.