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Some fun facts about R. Kyle Hannah, author of ASSASSIN’S GAMBIT

Please welcome author R. Kyle Hannah who has graciously agreed to tell us some fun facts about himself. 


R. Kyle Hannah is a local from the Birmingham area and has served in the US Military for over 28 years as a Finance Officer, Logistics Officer and a host of other positions. He is slated to retire in 2015 and hopes to devote more time to writing.
He is the author of the TIME ASSASSINS series, a time travel adventure that rewrites alternate timelines into our history.  The second book in the series, ASSASSIN'S GAMBIT, debuted on the amazon bestseller list the first day of its release. 
Kyle is also the author of several short stories and TO AID AND PROTECT, his first novel. He has several projects in the works, including the final TIME ASSASSINS novel, HARVEST DAY, THE JAKE CUTTER CONSPIRACY, HYPERION, and ATLANTIS FALLING.  He is married with two children and lives in the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama

Captain Bear is spilling the beans about Kyle and stuff you didn't know:
 Kyle has A-D-D, which means that his mind is in constant overdrive.  He has ideas about a story, a scene, or even just dialogue between characters all the time, so he never goes anywhere without a notebook or his phone for voice memos.
MAB:  I function at warp speed and am in constant overdrive, so you're in good company.
Kyle is a US Army Paratrooper, and has included “jump scenes” in two of his stories.
MAB:  On my bucket list.
 Kyle started writing in High School as a way to combat boredom.  It was either that or act up in class and he didn’t want that much trouble when he got home!!!
MAB:   I used to doodle, never got caught.
 Kyle has also written poetry and song lyrics.  He has almost two dozen songs written without music.  Like his early writing, some are ok, some are complete garbage…but fun to revisit every so often.
MAB - at least you can sing!
 Kyle wrote his first and third novels while deployed to the Middle East.
MAB:  Thank you for serving our country, Kyle.
Kyle will be a guest at the ALABAMA PHOENIX FESTIVAL, Birmingham’s very own sci-fi convention.  If you are in the area, come visit.  Find out more at
MAB - I've attended the Star Trek Conventions when I lived in New York.  Yes, I'm a Trekker and proud of it!
MAB next to Captain Janeway on the bridge of Voyager.


MAB:  Carmina Burana - good choice

Kyle's Novels:

 Kyle's first novel, TO AND AND PROTECT, was written in Afghanistan in 2002.

When their planet faces destruction, the simian-like Cenceti flee in thousands of ships piloted by a master computer designed to watch over and guide them. When a new homeworld is discovered and preparations are made to abandon the fleet, the now sentient computer realizes it cannot assist them if they leave. After unsatisfactorily trying to convince the Cenceti to stay in space, the computer lashes out at its creators and destroys them.
Now, after years of roaming the universe and unsuccessfully interacting with dozens of species, the computer has picked up signals from another sentient species; a species in desperate need of protection. Following the signals, the computer turns its fleet of spider-shaped ships toward the planet Earth. How will the human's react to the alien computer...and will it be able to finally fulfill its programming To Aid and Protect?


TIME ASSASSINS is a time travel, alternate history story with a lot of history and drama.

History has always been written by the victor, but in the shadows, history has been manipulated by an ancient Guild of Time Assassins. Until now.
Rick Brewer, assassin's apprentice, is sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. He escapes to a distant past and, stranded in time, seeks revenge against the Guild by creating instability in the time-line by choosing powerful targets - The Presidents of the United States of America.
Reginald Mayweather is a ruthless business tycoon and not one to accept no as an answer, but when a business prospect fails, he demands the help of the Assassin's Guild to eradicate the competition by killing his competitor's ancestors. If successful, it could prove disastrous to the time-line on a global scale.
Jason Lassiter joined the Assassin's Guild because he wanted to experience history first hand. Little does he know that his future, and the future of the Guild, rests in his hands.
ASSASSIN’S GAMBIT is the sequel to TIME ASSASSINS and debuted on the amazon best seller list on its first day of release.
Pulled forward in time by the Guild of a distant future, Assassin 101 is tasked with tracking down a rogue agent before he can return to his time. What he finds is a web of espionage bent on destruction and domination, and a family secret makes the Assassin doubt his own future.

Sebastian Caine, a top level Apprentice, has duped the Guild into complacency. Sentenced to death for his crimes, he escapes into the past. Plans for a new life hinge on drastically changing the timeline.

Rick Brewer has been a guinea pig for Guild scientists since his capture. Along with Assassin 97, he is sent to retrieve Caine, but his growing affection towards her becomes more pronounced as they bounce through the Renaissance in search of Caine. When Assassin 97 is captured and tortured, Brewer must make the ultimate sacrifice.

To rescue Assassin 97, Brewer and Assassin 101 must violate Guild law and, with it, accept possible execution. Can Assassin 101 save his wife and his future, or will the Guild leave her to history?
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MAB Thanks for stopping by, Kyle.  The best of luck with sales.

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