Monday, May 12, 2014

The Adventures of Cecilia Spark Dragon's Star now available on iTunes

The Adventures of Cecilia Spark Dragon's Star
“The creature had been disturbed. Swishing its tail, it sailed effortlessly towards the noise source. It could clearly see something at the edge of the water... The giant water creature was getting closer and closer to its substantial meal. With one final flick of its powerful tail, it would be over.”
Cecilia Spark is in a race against time. Her challenge is to save the last Millennium Dragon, captured by a hideous knight of darkness, and reunite him with the star that gives him his power. With Orson, Ractus and Pacha by her side, Cecilia must rescue Fuego and save the Land of Dragons from an endless, desperate gloom. Harassed by crooked imps, captured in the lair of a giant spider, lost in the darkest of dungeons and threatened by a hidden river monster, will Cecilia and her brave friends succeed in their quest?

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  1. Thank you for sharing Cecilia Spark's first audiobook. n x