Friday, May 23, 2014

World War One battles: then & now

A field at Verdun in 1917 and in 2014

Many locations of key battles in the first world war were so ravaged by conflict that the landscape still bears the scars 100 years on.

By Ian Jones, MSN UK news editor. Image: Gerd Roth/DPA/AP 1 of 10
The Battle of Verdun ran for much of 1916 in the hills of north-east France. It was fought between German and French troops, and remains the longest battle in human history, with total casualties estimated to have numbered between 700,000 and one million.
This composite picture shows (above) a battlefield near Verdun in 1917 and (below) the same area of countryside in 2014.
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  1. Wow the Battle of Verdun, what an astonishing number of deaths, unbelievable . And for the land to bear the scars to this day ... a reminder to us for those that gave their lives. n x