Friday, July 11, 2014

Book Launch - Close to the Edge by D.G. Turner

In September 1983, Dean Lewis' world is about to crash. Not only his girlfriend left him for his best friend, his business, Lewis' Garage is about to go under. What makes it worse is that Fasterfixx has set up business at the other end of town taking most of his customers, leaving him with his only constant client Jason Swansdale with his army of Porches, Ferraris and Italian sports cars. Dean and his work experience worker, Connor Piggot tries to keep the business afloat with the help of a nineteen year old punk - Victor, Ice-Cream vendor - Gerry, who deals more with drugs than ice-cream, and Darry, the son of the owner of K Bar. More black clouds gather in the horizon when Gerry's Aunt, Elizabeth Rider, wants the garage for her home for battered women.
Told by Jason, Connor, Victor, Gerry and Dean himself, this is an account of a young man who tries to keep his head above water in a world of cut-throat business and insurmountable debts.

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