Monday, July 14, 2014

Coleccion Del Vidrio y Cristal De Malaga

The museum is located in a crefully restored 18th century house, where we can browse through the history of humanity by means of the glass.

It is a private collection of more than 3.000 pieces of glass of different epochs, accompanied by pictures, furniture, and decorative objects in a setting that corresponds to each historical period represented, immersing us in an enviroment close to the domestic context of the era.

It is a museum o decorative arts that aims not only to contribute to the rehabilitation of the old craftsman's neighborhood of San Felipe Neri, but also to be a reference centre for artisans' techniques of the past, many of them lost, unknown or forgotten

Plazuela Santísimo Cristo de la Sangre 2, Málaga 29012, in front of the main door of the Church of San Felipe Neri. (Note that the address has recently been changed from Calle Gaona, 20).

 Tlf: (+34) 95 222 02 71


* General: 5€

* Reduced: 3€
      - Those over 65 years of age
      - Children from 7 to 12 years
      - Groups of 10 or more.

* Free for:
      - Children of 6 years and under
      - Members of ICOM
      - Accredited journalists.
      - Friends of the Museum Follow on Bloglovin

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  1. Looks amazing, on my list of places to visit. Truly adore glass, thanks for sharing n x