Sunday, July 20, 2014

History Trivia - Norse nobleman Rollo captures and burns Chartres.

July 20

 356 BC Alexander the Great was born.

70 First Jewish-Roman War: Siege of Jerusalem -Titus, son of Emperor Vespasian, stormed the Fortress of Antonia north of the Temple Mount. The Roman army was drawn into street fights with the Zealots.

911 Norman incursions: Norse nobleman Rollo captured and burnt Chartres.

1304 Wars of Scottish Independence: Fall of Stirling Castle – King Edward I of England took the stronghold using the WarWolf (siege engine).

1304 Petrarch (Francisco Petracco) the Italian poet, scholar, and humanist was born.

1398 Roger Mortimer, 4th Earl of March, heir to the throne of England died.

1553 British Government leader John Dudley was captured in Cambridge and later executed for treason for his part in putting Lady Jane Grey on the throne after the death of King Edward VI.

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