Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Interesting Facts about the Norsemen

The Vikings had ear spoons that were used to clean out ear wax, practiced personal grooming and did bathe once a week.

The Vikings enjoyed sporting events such as wrestling, foot races, swimming and skiing to name but a few.  They also played board games such as tabula (backgammon) to keep themselves occupied during the long winter months.

Viking women could choose their own husbands and divorce them.

 Viking homes were referred to as longhouses, because of the shape, the main room being 100 feet in length.

In addition to drinking mead (honeyed alcoholic beverage), Vikings drank milk, buttermilk and wine.

 The ravaging seafarers that attacked the civilized world did not represent the majority of the Scandinavian people, who were peaceful farmers and traders.

 The Scandinavian seafarers became known as the Norsemen (North men), but referred to themselves as Ostmen.

 Norwegian Vikings first attacked Ireland while the Danish Vikings attacked Britain.

 Viking helmets were plain conical, not horned or winged, and made of leather.

Viking longboats were referred to as dragonships because of a carved dragon on the prow head.


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