Saturday, July 12, 2014

Starlight Nocturne by D.G. Turner - Kindle Edition £0.99 includes VAT

This is reformatted to give optimum effect of this epic adventure of Stella Starr's adventure and an almost death experience.

Seconds, that's all it took for Stella Starr to be coerced by her boyfriend Brian to help him manage his up and coming rock band Remorse. Stella, who with her sister Sabine runs Starlight, the hottest night club in Manchester is whisked away from her duties to tour across Europe. In Amsterdam their guitarist Tony and singer Murry are kidnapped. Then it all falls apart when Brian disappears.

Rushing across Amsterdam searching for clues with Christian Bach the leader of the support band Bach's Trailer, Stella discovers more about Brian and the Young Brothers who are involved with him. Acting upon her instincts and advice from Bach, who is coming on too strong for her to resist, she hopes to find Brian before the final hour strikes.

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