Thursday, October 23, 2014

Book Launch - Frankie: Living A Dream by D.G. Turner - available on Kindle


It's 1950. The landscape of New York City is changing, Perry Como is on the radio and protesters are marching against the Korean war. For the first time the voice of the youth is being heard.

Frankie, an ambitious sixteen year old son of a barber, has a dream. Any dream will do as long as he never follows his father's profession as a barber. As he is the eldest son, it is inevitable the shop will be passed into his hands.

When Artie Santorelli proposes to Frankie to join his burgeoning barbershop quartet because of his singing prowess, Frankie, realising his dream, agrees. Along with his co-worker Carlo and neighbour Tommy, they form a group which attracts the attention of country singer Kentucky Jo, her husband Hank and the local Mafia boss, Petrucci.

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