Thursday, October 2, 2014

Greek Tomb's Female Sculptures More Than 12 Feet Tall

by Rossella Lorenzi

The two female statues unearthed in the massive burial complex in Amphipolis, in Greece’s northeastern Macedonia region, tower more than 12 feet, according to pictures released today by Greece’s Culture Ministry.
Archaeologists led by Katerina Peristeri have fully revealed the finely carved marble pedestals on which each sculpture stands guarding the third chamber of the mysterious tomb.
“The pedestals continue the pattern of blocks lining the walls,” the Culture Ministry said.
Greek Tomb’s Female Forms Hint Olympias May Lie Within
It added the pedestal’s height is 1.40 meters (4.59 feet), width 1.36 meters (4.46 feet) and depth 72 centimeters (2.36 feet).
“The floor is raised by 7 centimeters (2.7 inches) and appears to have traces of blue paint,” the ministry said.
The total height of the pedestals and statues, known as Caryatid (pillars formed from sculptures of female figures common in Greek and Roman architecture) is an imposing 12 feet.
Image: The towering Caryatids. Credit: Greek Ministry of Culture.
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