Sunday, January 29, 2017

Spotlight on Karenne Griffin

Karenne Griffin 

Some interesting facts you may not know:

Karenne kept lizards in her childhood. The largest were a Bearded Dragon and a Skink, but there were plenty of little ones also.

And why did Karenne choose these particular lizards? Well, she grew up in Australia.

Part of fact number two isn’t true as Karenne has never really grown up. She still goes to gigs and acts like a teenager given half the chance.

Karenne has written two travel books as well as four novels. She’s currently working on two more novels. All books are available from Amazon in paperback as well as electronic versions on Kindle.
US Amazon Link
UK Amazon Link

Although she’s never been to the USA, Karenne contributed to The Dark Dozen: Stories for Scarborough. This is a fundraising effort to give Al Scarborough the life-saving medical treatment he needs. This collection of twelve rather dark tales is also available from Amazon.  Please dig deep folks, to help a worthy cause. Donations, no matter how small, can also be made to Al's GoFundMePage

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