Friday, April 11, 2014

An excerpt from 'What Happened to Alex Manning' by Kim Scott

From the pen of Kim Scott

This is an excerpt from 'What Happened to Alex Manning', set in Maine in the early 1900s. This is book 1 of 2 that follows Alex Manning and his family through the Roaring 20s, into the Prohibition Era and the Great Depression.

If you like historical fiction seasoned with murder, treachery, love, loyalty, and shocking twists, then this is a must read at only .99, £0.77 or CDN$1.10 on Kindle & Noo...k.

Alex reached the balustrade and grasped Charlotte’s wrist. The full truth of it all struck him, forcefully. He needed to stop; to replay the events in his head and sort out the details. He desperately needed time. If only Charlotte would wait and allow him to think it through.

Charlotte’s shrill scream jumbled the thoughts whirling in his head. Urgently, he fought to put them in order again and make sense of everything. His anger dissipated as he struggled with the horrifying memories. With his heart thumping wildly, a sharp pain shot through his head.

If only Charlotte would stop. In her panicked state, she struggled with him certain that he meant to harm her. He stammered crazily as she flailed at him with tight fists. Terrified, he felt her pull away and she teetered backward at the edge of the top step.

Her arms pin wheeled twice, as her shoes slipped on the smooth marble. Alex grasped her arm and wrenched her back with all of his strength. She flew by him and slammed into the wall across the hall, coming to rest in a heap there. Off balance at the top of the stairs, Alex fell forward, reaching for the balustrade as he went. With nothing to stop him from falling, he tumbled, thumping and banging, all the way to the stone floor below.
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