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The 14th Annual BEVERLY HILLS FILM FESTIVAL - Screenplay Competition Finalists includes The Briton and the Dane

About the Festival 
Entering another successful year, the Beverly Hills Film Festival (BHFF) is an international competition dedicated to showcasing the art and talent of emerging filmmakers in the city globally recognized as the headquarters for VIPs to the motion picture industry.
Dedicated to independent filmmakers, the BHFF creates a wonderful screening environment allowing participants to feature their films in the highest quality venues available to consumers around the world. Professionals and industry tastemakers representing all facets of the movie industry have been spotted attending year after year.

Designed to bridge the world of premiere independent cinema with the renowned city of Beverly Hills, the BHFF welcomes over 20,000 attendees annually who congregate for 5 days of screenings, poolside celebrity panels, special events, seminars, VIP after parties and deal making.
On the fifth and final night of the Festival, the jury (usually made up of professionals from all over the globe) presents it awards in every category usually found in top notch festivals. They honor the finest in cinematic achievement in filmmaking displayed during the competition at an exclusive and heartfelt black-tie Gala Awards usually held at the Four Seasons Hotel each year.
Screenplay Competition Finalists

Title: Ark
Writer: Aaron Wroblewski
Title: Life's a Bitch
Writer: Ace Cheverez
Title: Both Sides
Writer: Alastair Murdoch
Title: I Give Up
Writer: Alessandro Nicolaci
Title: Patchwork
Writer: Amanda Keener
Title: Aurora
Writer: Amber Karlins
Title: Canvas
Writer: Andrew Champagne
Title: Born to Fight
Writer: Anthony von Sager
Title: Gamma - Part I: The years of darkness
Writer: Anthony Allen
Title: Dreams
Writer: Antonio Leonard
Title: The Killing Kind
Writer: Arturo Portillo
Title: Writing Space
Writer: Ashley Zeuch
Title: Jennifer
Writer: Austin Priester
Title: Lord of the Primitive Shore
Writer: Barbara Westley
Title: Missed Connection
Writer: Bruce Gadel
Title: You Can't Play the Game If You Don't Know the Rules
Writer: Burleigh Smith
Title: Wonder Drug
Writer: Caitlin McCarthy
Title: Finally Me
Writer: Charles Laulette
Title: Journey of an Uncommon Mother
Writer: Chau Ai Pham
Title: Will Of Fortune
Writer: Chloe Bellande
Title: Human Terrain
Writer: Chris Willis
Title: Narcosis
Writer: Christopher Drzewiecki
Title: Prophet
Writer: Cliff Pulliam
Title: Wired - The Movie
Writer: Craig Schenning
Title: A Weightless Thought
Writer: Craig Stewart
Title: All of Lucy's Lovers
Writer: Danijel Gujic
Title: DARPA Secrets
Writer: David Bugay
Title: The Reunion
Writer: David Harry Rowlands
Title: The Gurgitator
Writer: David Klein Klein
Title: Lost Cause
Writer: David Schroeder
Title: The Reluctant Knight
Writer: David Yuzuk
Title: Crossways
Writer: Dean Watts
Title: Honeysuckles and Blood
Writer: Debra Johnson
Title: Project P.A.R.I.S.
Writer: Dennis Douda
Title: In the Wrong Hands
Writer: Dianna Zimmerman
Title: Focus
Writer: Duncan Payne
Title: Super Vampire
Writer: Eduardo Soto-Falcon
Title: Vagueness
Writer: Eleutherios Kakathimis
Title: Eldridge
Writer: Evan Manning
Title: Rear Naked Choke
Writer: Evan McNamara
Title: The Power of Faith-The Untold Story
Writer: Gabi Mor
Title: Spinning
Writer: Gene Pina
Title: The Summer of Love
Writer: George Petersen
Title: Hop-On Hop-Off
Writer: Hannah Leskosky
Title: Deja Duet
Writer: Heather Mehudar
Title: A Lost Tribe in Amsterdam
Writer: Ian Sax
Title: Requiem
Writer: Irene Suver
Title: Edge of Mania
Writer: Irina Tuchinsky
Title: Mammon
Writer: J.C. Millen
Title: Go Long
Writer: James White
Title: God's Will
Writer: Jamison Derfler
Title: Soccer Balls
Writer: Jason Doeren
Title: Rexford All-Stars
Writer: Jason Fulani
Title: Conjurers
Writer: Jason Lan Hing Vee
Title: Nobody's Child
Writer: Jay Blumenkopf
Title: Survival of the Fittest
Writer: Jeff Affrunti
Title: Sociopath
Writer: Jeff Sussman
Title: Grace
Writer: Jeffrey A. Russel/Lynda Lemberg
Title: Rex Adam & Me
Writer: Jeffrey May
Title: Where the Green Grass Grows
Writer: Jeremy Elliott
Title: Delmorian Poesy
Writer: Jeremy Rafuse
Title: The Last Day Of Summer
Writer: Jeremy Wulc
Title: The Parts In-Between
Writer: Jimmy Monack
Title: Lobison
Writer: Joe 'Tuffy' Tofuri
Title: Out of the Box
Writer: Joe Randazzo
Title: The Healer
Writer: Joey Kent
Title: New York Lobby, 3:00 a.m.
Writer: John Burdeaux
Title: Task Force Baum - Patton's Top Secret WWII Raid
Writer: John Lock
Title: Cold Quiet Country
Writer: John Spare
Title: Max's Fantastic Adventures - The Well Of Lost Souls
Writer: Jonathan Bucari
Title: A Noble Truth
Writer: Jonathan LaPoma
Title: Becky
Writer: Joseph Hughes
Title: In the Cargo
Writer: Judianny Compres
Title: Little Girl Found
Writer: Julian Renner
Title: A Hundred Realities
Writer: Karel Coates
Title: Dolphin's Song
Writer: Kathy Krantz Stewart
Title: Brewster Commons
Writer: Kay Poiro
Title: The Seedling
Writer: Kevin Howard
Title: Of Punks And Posers
Writer: Kyra Nicole Rogers
Title: A Mountain Lion Story
Writer: Lance Sadia
Title: The Sizzling Steg
Writer: Lane Bristow
Title: Molokai
Writer: Lee Costanzo
Title: Storm Dragons
Writer: Leonardo Reis
Title: Irish Grudge
Writer: Leslie Flannery
Title: Dangerous Ground
Writer: Lili Matta
Title: Everything But Love
Writer: Lisa J. Mitchell / Joseph Dial
Title: Aoede's 'What Are Dreams Made Of?'
Writer: Lisa Sniderman
Title: Bioterror Conspiracy
Writer: Louis Lio
Title: The Remake
Writer: Lynne Alana Delaney
Title: Bob Dooley
Writer: Margina Sisson
Title: How to Be a Good Christian
Writer: Mark Kalriess
Title: The Briton and the Dane
Writer: Mary Ann Bernal
Title: Underneath Her Skin
Writer: Maud Lazzerini
Title: High School Orientation
Writer: Michael Berner
Title: The Return of Set
Writer: Michael Buchanan
Title: The Spy and the Fence
Writer: Michael Gibrall
Title: Breed of Crows
Writer: Michael Reynolds
Title: Divinity
Writer: Michelle Brezinski
Title: Mademoiselle
Writer: Nathan Goldman
Title: Dark Matter
Writer: Olga Holtz
Title: Kentucky House
Writer: Patricia M. Mahon
Title: Jessie-The Golden Heart
Writer: Peggy Roger-Carey
Title: Cebu
Writer: Peter Bacho
Title: Cornflowers
Writer: Philip Henson
Title: Olivia's Oath
Writer: Philip Sedgwick
Title: The Beauty of Letting Go
Writer: Rachel Howard
Title: Sgraffito
Writer: Rachel Zake
Title: Rose Colored Shades
Writer: Randy Sparks
Title: Tobacco Roses
Writer: Raymond Harrison
Title: The Crimson Confession
Writer: Raymond Just
Title: A Cult Film
Writer: Richard Levine
Title: Danny Boy
Writer: Rick Mole
Title: Buried
Writer: Robbi D'Allessandro
Title: The Shrouds of Halloween
Writer: Romaner Strong
Title: Master Connections
Writer: Ronald Townsen
Title: At Last
Writer: Rubi Herrera
Title: Spencer
Writer: Sam Gasch
Title: Absolute Zero
Writer: Scott Caswell
Title: Rendezvous
Writer: Seth Kozak
Title: The FlipSide
Writer: Shakira Gamble
Title: Mass Exodus
Writer: Shaun Delliskave
Title: Nevada V-I
Writer: Simon King
Title: A Short Encounter
Writer: Stanley Eisenhammer
Title: Life More Perfect
Writer: Steve Brechtel
Title: The Frequency Check
Writer: Steve Kaleff
Title: The Great Quest
Writer: Steve Weissman
Title: The Tapestry
Writer: Steven Prowse
Title: The Sleeping House
Writer: Suzanne Griffin
Title: Three Men and a Dragon
Writer: Suzy Stein
Title: No Blood For Oil
Writer: Ted King
Title: Cold Current
Writer: Terrance Mitchell Thibideaux
Title: White Powder, Dirty Money
Writer: Thomas O. Mitchell
Title: Patriote Peril
Writer: Thomas Thorpe
Title: Codependency
Writer: Tiffany Jaide Hightower
Title: Hang Them High
Writer: Tom Zarnowski
Title: How Rock and Roll Changed The World
Writer: Tracy Kowalski
Title: Anna (Inspired By The True Story of Anna Smith)
Writer: Tron Griffin
Title: The Team
Writer: Troy Sweeney
Title: Cream Cakes
Writer: Vicki Bartholomew
Title: Kill Yourself For Me
Writer: Vojin Vasovic
Title: Troublesome Creek
Writer: Wesley Mullins
Title: The Method, The Madness
Writer: William Huntsman
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