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Nevermind about the zombie chasing you! The zombie apocalypse can wait because this is REALLY important and what you’ve been waiting for! It’s Daily Giveaway Time. So nail the door shut, put out some wolfbane and sit a spell. Then  enter the contest so you can do it all over again!

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Breath Taking
Kim Scott
I sat with my feet up on the desk, gazing out the window. For weeks, I had been working seventy hours a week to complete my project. At last it was finished. The result far surpassed my expectations. The meeting with the client was minutes away, and I was fighting to contain my excitement.
They would be waiting in the conference room. My boss, Jay Simmons would be seated at the head of the massive table. The clients, dressed in black Armani, would be lined up along the wall. Mitch Kingsley preferred to stand, and his team stood with him. My co-workers sat along the far side of the table.
I wasn’t worried. While my co-workers were quaking in their seats, I would be cool and confident. It was time to enter the big room. I jumped up and grabbed the folder with the presentation. It was go time!
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