Saturday, January 24, 2015

Some things you didn't know, and didn't know you wanted to know, about author Morgan Songer

Interesting stuff  about Morgan:

My favorite movie series is Aliens, Sigourney Weaver has been/ will always be my idol and role model.

My life goal is to free dive with great white sharks.

My guilty pleasure music is Nick Lachey, he just gets me!

Monster's Ink and Monster's University makes me cry like a baby, every time!

I live in Colorado but have never been skiing!

I am a bit of every character in my short stories/books.

Morgan has been an author all of her life. Even as a child, she was always happy living in a fantasy filled world, so much so that she found herself needing the rules of the real world to make sense. In doing so, Morgan found a way to connect the real with the unreal, the natural with the unnatural.

In Morgan's world of fiction, legends and myths are given reason, monsters given personalities, and symbols for hope are twisted for profit and selfish glory. All this is embedded in true emotions and uncomfortable situations, where her characters are forced to make drastic choices to survive.

Follow Morgan down the rabbit hole where the weird meet the unexpected in a world where wild things not only go bump in the night, but roam freely. This is a world that is carried through centuries, infusing Earth with an unending heritage of magic and science.

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