Tuesday, July 21, 2015

L.A. Punk Rocker author, Brenda Perlin, reviews I am a Rhodesian by Stephanie Matulich


I’m a Rhodesian is a letter from a young Rhodesian Ridgeback to his breeder whom he calls Grandma. He tells her about his life experiences in his first year and how much he and his owner love each other. He grows from a puppy to a brave and handsome Rhodesian protecting his owner.


's review
Jul 21, 15
I'm A Rhodesian, Nduna by Stephanie Matulich is a touching tale about a young Rhodesian Ridgeback named Nduna. This is in the narrative of Nduna who tells us about his life in his first year and describes the love he shares with his owner in letters to his Grandma.

If you know anything about the love of an animal you will understand the intensity of this kind of unconditional love. It's enough to make you feel whole. Enough to fill your heart and any void you might have. The author makes her feelings quite clear. This is a profound love. A special bond that if you are lucky enough to have had then you will clearly understand the need to write this book.

This is a tale for dog lovers and lovers of all animals and humanity. Brought tears to my eyes while it touched me deep down inside. Extremely moving.

Quote ~

"Mom explained that there are so many evil folks that want dogs and then they do bad things to them. There are people that breed dogs just for money. They run puppy mills and the poor puppies and their mommies live in terrible conditions.

Most of these puppies and mommies are never held, or loved, or taken to the doctor when they get sick. Lots of puppies are sold to good families and die because they were sick as they weren't looked after when they were babies. My Mommy loves me..."

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