Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mr. Chuckles bumped into LA Punk Rocker, Brenda Perlin, while stirring the Wizard's Cauldron

The Wizard speaks:

Brenda Perlin is as big a friend of The Wizard''s Cauldron as there is. This will be the third time we've met around the magic bucket and as far as I am concerned, she can visit whenever she likes.

Author of the popular Shattered Reality trilogy, prodigious reviewer, massive indie supporter and, lately, reader for hundreds of US authors, Brenda's workload is a heavy one. Her reading list fills with trepidation and she actually reads the books in detail, which, in a social network environment where skimming a book is more of a survival strategy than a choice, is something to be applauded.

Recently, Brenda compiled a terrific little anthology about her life as a punk on the streets in Los Angeles in the early eighties. It's called LA Punk Rocker and I picked up the Wizphone to talk to her about it. Here's what she had to say.

New readers can find Brenda's previous interviews here on the Wizard's Cauldron where she talks about her well known "faction" Shattered Reality" trilogy and her anti-bullying story, Ty The Bull.

Click on this link to read the entire interview

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