Friday, March 18, 2011

History Trivia

March 18, 37 – The Roman Senate annulled Tiberius's will and proclaimed Caligula emperor. 235 Emperor Alexander Severus and his mother Julia Mamaea are murdered by legionaries near Moguntiacum (modern Mainz). The Severan dynasty ends. 1227 Pope Honorius III Died. Honorius developed the policies of his predecessor, Pope Innocent III, concentrating on church reform and crusades.1229 Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor declared himself King of Jerusalem during the Sixth Crusade. When he was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Honorius III, Frederick took a vow to go on Crusade, but he put off the expedition to settle matters in Italy. When he was at last ready to depart in 1227, an epidemic set him back further. The new pope, Gregory IX, disregarded the emperor's justification for delay and excommunicated him for failing to go on Crusade. Frederick ignored the excommunication and set sail for the Holy Land, where he entered into complex negotiations with the Sultan al-Kamil of Egypt that confirmed his control of Jerusalem. He crowned himself in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. 1241 Kraków was ravaged by Mongols. 1314 Jacques de Molay, the 23rd and the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, was burned at the stake. 1438 Albert II of Habsburg became Holy Roman Emperor.

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