Tuesday, April 5, 2011

History Trivia

April 9, 193 – Septimius Severus was proclaimed Roman Emperor by the army in Illyricum (in the Balkans). 475 Byzantine Emperor Basiliscus issued a circular letter (Enkyklikon) to the bishops of his empire, supporting the Monophysite christological position. 491 Eastern Roman Emperor Zeno died at an approximate age of 65. 999 Gerbert of Aurillac became Pope Sylvester II. 1413 Henry V was crowned King of England. 1440 Christopher of Bavaria was appointed King of Denmark.
1483 King Edward IV of England died. 1492 Lorenzo de' Medici died. 1588 Paolo Veronese died. Born Paolo Caliari, Veronese was a prolific and successful artist of the late Renaissance.

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