Friday, January 11, 2013

7-Writer Challenge

7-writers get to strut their stuff (The Seven Line Challenge)

The talented Mark Barry has tagged me into the 7-writers challenge

Here are my seven lines from my latest release, The Briton and the Dane: Concordia

Captured by Saracen pirates, Concordia succumbs to her conqueror's advances.

She found herself caressing his muscular body and did not shy away from his touch, seeking his lips when he pressed himself upon her, accepting him willingly when he possessed her throughout the night. “I truly love you, and am thankful for this night,” Concordia whispered as the beautiful orange and red hues of first light brightened the darkened sky.  “Whatever happens, know that only you hold my heart.”

This is your mission: Go to line 7 on either page 7 or page 77 of your manuscript and do a post with the next 7 lines, then tag 7 people to keep the challenge going* This a short and savvy way to see what others out there in the blogosphere are writing.

The challenge now passes onto

Leah Crichton
Bill Jones Jr
Suz Korb
Diana Turner
Elise VanCise
Mandy Ward
RaShelle Workman



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