Monday, April 8, 2013

Green Wizard Publishing - Book Launch Alert - Reality Bites - April 13, 2013

Green Wizard Publishing presents:  Reality Bites

The highly anticipated anthology, Reality Bites, launches on April 13, 2013

12 Tales of Hope, Rescued from the abyss... Suzanne Van Rooyen. Stefan Xerxes. Lexi Kravey. Emma Edwards. CL Foster. Eric Rada. Clare Appleseed. Cheryl Casey Ramirez. Rae Gee. Brenda Perlin. Mary Ann Bernal. Mark Barry.

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  1. Fantastic!!!! I love the look and can't wait to read all the other stories!!! I am honored to be included in this project! Cheers mates!!!!

    Mark are the Cats Meow!!! Love you!!!

    Thank you Mary Ann and everyone else involved in this awesome endeavor!

  2. Can't wait to read this fantastic anthology that everyone is involved in ... sounds awesome!