Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ultra Violence by Mark Barry - top 15 in Amazon UK rankings - Hooliganism continues to plague sporting events

Review by Mary Ann Bernal
Mr. Barry delves the reader into the bygone days of British football where team followers of Notts County clash with the myriad of opposing fans, resulting in violent clashes on game day.
 The story revolves around a middle-aged man whose life is in turmoil - a failed marriage, a disinterested son and a career on the line.  He suddenly finds himself reunited with friends from his youthful past, and while nostalgic memories are forefront, replicating events from an earlier era becomes a reality.
I enjoyed this story and recommend it to both men and women.
Forty. Receding pate. Failing marriage. Delinquent, uncaring son. Psycho boss parachuted in to cut the big earners. A few lost marbles? It wasn?t always like this. He used to be a face. A player. A terrace celebrity. Now hes just another faceless nobody on the brink of despair in a world he no longer recognises. One freezing winter?s day, a chance meeting with a face from the old days at Notts County changes everything. Especially when there?s an intriguing proposition on the table. One he may find difficult to refuse. Ultra Violence is the thrilling, humourous, nihilistic and sometimes moving story, told partially in flashback, of one mans journey from idealistic young fan to major football hooligan set against the shadow of a grim and soulless middle age in the bustling English city of Nottingham.

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