Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Author Crystal Schall's Monday Splash - Carla by Mark Barry featured


Mark Barry, author of “Hollywood Shakedown”, “Ultra Violence” and “Carla”, is a Psychologist and writer whose main interest focuses on relationships between people.   He has been writing since he was twenty one, having his first piece published in 1986.  He has written extensively on a variety of topics including, horse racing, football, personality disorders and human relationships.  Influenced by the great playwrights and screenwriters, much of Mark’s work transpires in dialogue.  He deplores exposition and, in his fiction, leaves the reader in a state of nervousness more than he probably should.

Mark has had an extensive career as a professional project designer and bid writer, having accrued over £20m for groups and organisations working with disadvantaged people.  An ex-lecturer, Mark designed and delivered the UK’s first ever course in Criminal Psychology in 1997.  Much of this work infils his fiction:  Psychopathy and Borderline Personality Disorders are featured heavily in “Carla”, for example. 

Currently, Mark is a full time fiction writer and freelance blogger.  He has been interviewed on several Radio talk shows where he has given readings of his work.  His work has been featured in The Sun and Daily Mail and he has also been interviewed on Television.

Mark resides in Southwell, Nottinghamshire with his teenage son. 

An excerpt from Carla by Mark Barry: 

Luckily, there was a rush. Ladies darts, a good mob of them from the Haywain with their heavy drinking partners and I knew that Carla would be busy from now until closing time. I sat there and suffered for an age, an absolute age, and then Carla came over to talk to me, telling me how much she enjoyed Sunday and asked me whether I’d like to go walking with her around Columbus Park this coming Sunday. I smiled at her and said that would be brilliant, even though it was only Tuesday and I would have all that time to suffer, but I didn’t ask her to go for dinner with me, or for a drink, I just smiled and she touched my hand oh so gently and said I’m so glad, and she had denim shorts on with ribbed tights and ankle boots and a woolly jumper and her hair was in a ponytail  and she went back behind  the bar and I never got the chance to speak to her again that night but Dino did and by the time it came for me to leave, I went through all the ways I could think of to murder Dino and to get away with it. I’d stalk him. Decapitate him. Bury his body in the Cherry Woods one night and no one would ever be the wiser, yet who would be the first person the Police speak to?  You know: The released mental patient in the flat at the end of the road.


I was damned, dear reader.

I was truly damned.


That night, when I got home, Carla sent me a good night message with two kisses as usual. Afterwards, I stripped to my boxer shorts.  Cut my armpit with the Airfix knife and watched the blood trickle like a tributary down my obliques onto my naked thighs.

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