Friday, December 18, 2020

Spotlight on PenforHireNYC author and PenPodcast host Matthew Harms


Penforhirenyc offers premier ghostwriting and author coaching services for writers of all skill levels. Whether it be successful business professionals who want to enhance their brand and improve profitability by creating a book that showcases their expertise or authors who just need guidance in starting or finishing their work, we have proven effective solutions.

In December of 2020, we launched the PenPodcast show, designed to help feature authors and bring their message to a larger audience. We hope that more authors will find their voice and become more accessible to their readers through discussions on their books, background, and process amongst a range of other topics.

Both Penforhirenyc and PenPodcast are currently accepting new author submissions and we look forward to expanding our services and show count in 2021. For a free consultation with Penforhirenyc, please visit PenforHire and hit the "Book Now" button. To sign up for a spot on PenPodcast, head over to PenPodcast and fill in the contact form.

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Matthew Harms

Matthew Harms is a New York born and based Freelance Writing Professional and Success Coach. His Bronx upbringing, combined with diverse educational and career backgrounds provide a multitude of facets to each project he works on.

As a lifelong writer, Matthew has learned from, and adapted, his various experiences in fields such as Finance, Project Management, and Corporate Training.  He has now dedicated his time to giving back to the community and providing a voice for the voiceless, as well as helping to enhance the work of writers looking to take their projects to the next level.

Matthew is the author of Grow Up: No, Really, and Employed: A Career Readiness Manual, books designed to enrich people's lives through basic life skills and career readiness training. When he is not focused on helping others, Matthew's other passions are writing works of fiction and spending time with his children.

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