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Spotlight on Susan Higginbotham, author of John Brown's Women


As the United States wrestles with its besetting sin—slavery—abolitionist John Brown is growing tired of talk. He takes actions that will propel the nation toward civil war and thrust three courageous women into history.

Wealthy Brown, married to John Brown's oldest son, eagerly falls in with her husband's plan to settle in Kansas. Amid clashes between pro-slavery and anti-slavery settlers, Wealthy's adventure turns into madness, mayhem, and murder.

Fifteen-year-old Annie Brown is thrilled when her father summons her to the farm he has rented in preparation for his raid. There, she guards her father's secrets while risking her heart.

Mary Brown never expected to be the wife of John Brown, much less the wife of a martyr. When her husband's daring plan fails, Mary must travel into hostile territory, where she finds the eyes of the nation riveted upon John—and upon her.

Spanning three decades, John Brown's Women is a tale of love and sacrifice, and of the ongoing struggle for America to achieve its promise of liberty and justice for all.

Trigger Warnings:

Deaths of young children through illness or accidents (not graphically described); implied heavy petting involving a willing minor.


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 Susan Higginbotham

Fun Facts
(Stuff you may or may not already know.)

I never tried pizza until I was fifteen. Now I eat it three times a week.

I love mass transit, particularly subways, and make a point of trying out the system each time I visit a new place. Speaking of which, I once accidentally shut down a New York City bus by putting a dollar bill in the farebox instead of coins (apparently the box couldn't handle paper money).


I hate to cook. I have, however, cooked a Thanksgiving turkey with no casualties or fire damage whatsoever, although I neglected to fish out the giblet bag until midway through the process.

I own two letters written by one of my characters, John Brown, Jr.


I am an avid collector of old photographs, mostly from the nineteenth century. I also collect Barbie dolls.

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Susan Higginbotham

Susan Higginbotham is the author of a number of historical novels set in medieval and Tudor England and, more recently, nineteenth-century America, including The Traitor's Wife, The Stolen Crown, Hanging Mary, and The First Lady and the Rebel. She and her family, human and four-footed, live in Maryland, just a short drive from where John Brown made his last stand. When not writing or procrastinating, Susan enjoys traveling and collecting old photographs.

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